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I found a partial manual for it in PDF, but it's kind of like an owner's manual, doesn't get into the nitty-gritty that I want.

I'm hoping to find a "dealer service" manual and a supplement for part interchange as well.

The engine was also used in the 1949+ 170D series cars, from what I see, and in several other variations.

According to what little bit I've found about it so far, not looking too awful diligently, all models had between 37 and 42HP SAE @ 3200 RPM, and between 69 and 78 TQ @ 2000 RPM.

I don't know if the same applies for gas and diesel, that BSFC islands tend to clump with pk tq figures, but if they do, that means I will want to keep my average speed at just off idle (30 MPH) and my high speed average (50 MPH) to around 2k RPM, right?

I'm thinking I want to try to get 30 MPH at around 800-900 RPM, then get 50 MPH at about 2000-2200 RPM, so I have the power to overcome aero losses, maintain speed, and still have a little more throttle to negotiate small peaks and valleys when necessary. Does that sound somewhat correct?

Thanks for all the help guys... pics will be coming this weekend, and I'll be sure to clean it up as best I can and search for a serial number or something, then I'll get ahold of MBUSA and see what they can tell me about it. Maybe they have most of what I need!
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