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Sepp, Thank you, You are the first intelligent reply to my post. I understand your wonderment about hypermiling and being free. My first point is I am retired and don't drive much locally and take occasional vacation trips with the wife. I am not too familar with all the hyper. techniques and afraid I will damage car by altering my driving habits. I have started downshifting the auto transmission to lower gear to help braking and maybe save some gas? I think it will lessen wear on brakes. I don't think turning off engine while driving is good for transmission. Hypermilng doesn't pass the wifey test. I was told just doing the downshift thing was driving my sister-in-law crazy.
As far spending a lot of money on magnets, they are not expensive and last forever. Last august we took a trip of about 1000 miles which before the install would have taken about 36 gallons of fuel at 28 mpg. Getting 36 mpg it took about 28 gallons. That is about 8gallons of fuel. At that time fuel was around 4.00 per gallon. So doing the math 8x 4=32 dollars worth of gas which paid for the magnet twice over just on that trip alone.
Magnatism is like electricity, you see it,you can't taste it, you can't smell it, you can't hear it, you can'feel it, so it is a great unknown and people are afraid of the unknown.
That is why I wanted to try the device and make my own judgement whether it is viable or not. If I had listened to the naysayers I would still be getting the same milage but I decided to try and it paid off. Now I am passing on my experience to whoever wants to use it. I have installed magnets, my milage increased and that is the bottom line. How it happens I can't say for sure. Thier isn't any test I know of to show difference except maybe a dyno test. I do know the effect of magnets is very fragile. The effect can be destroyed by anything causing turbulence in the fuel, it can't go through gas filters or sharp bends and has to be right up to fuel rails to get the most benifit. I monitor a asian manufacturing network and they are manufacturing hundreds of products utilizing magnets. They are now making fuel pipes whether its' gas, natural gas, cng,lpg, with magnets on the inside of the pipes instead of wrapped around the outside of the pipes which will give the fuel direct contact with magnets, thus solving the question of will magnets penetrate rubber,steel, plastic, ect. I am trying to get a sample product so I can install on my gas furnace and hot water heater. It is difficult communicating with them, but I have ordered and received products from asia. They seem to be honest and have fast service and delivery.
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