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Originally Posted by hondo434 View Post
...I do know the effect of magnets is very fragile. The effect can be destroyed by anything causing turbulence in the fuel, it can't go through gas filters or sharp bends and has to be right up to fuel rails to get the most benifit. I monitor a asian manufacturing network and they are manufacturing hundreds of products utilizing magnets. They are now making fuel pipes whether its' gas, natural gas, cng,lpg, with magnets on the inside of the pipes instead of wrapped around the outside of the pipes which will give the fuel direct contact with magnets, thus solving the question of will magnets penetrate rubber,steel, plastic, ect. I am trying to get a sample product so I can install on my gas furnace and hot water heater. It is difficult communicating with them, but I have ordered and received products from asia. They seem to be honest and have fast service and delivery.
Effect of magnets is very fragile - it may get destroyed by anything in your system, so don't blame me or the product if it doesn't work for you. It must be something in your car that made it bad. it's never the product's fault!

I know somebody who makes good quality useless magnet products. I can answer any objection you may have, in spite of the effect of magnets being very fragile. Don't feel bad if you don't have a car to put it in, I can sell it to gas furnaces and hot water heater users too.

I not only know somebody who makes the stuff, but they are HONEST (incredible!) and good to work with.

So what are you waiting for? express your interest and line up...
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