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Ram air is definitely the way to go for FE. The more air you can stuff into the intake without consuming extra energy, the less work your engine will have to do breath in. Its pretty simple. Also the colder the air the better. Check out all the autospeed articles on the subject. This has been proven over and over again.

I'll cut and paste the articles here from the dead thread for easy access.

Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 1
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 2
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 3
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 4
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 5

Negative Boost Revisited, Part 1
Negative Boost Revisited, Part 2
Negative Boost Revisited, Part 3
Negative Boost Revisited, Part 4
Negative Boost Revisited, Part 5

Doing the Impossible

Modifying the VL Turbo Intake

Into the Intake - Part 1

We Have a Record![/QUOTE]

Ram Air Project

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