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Data Points

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Where are the data points? I could try to come up with a formula for voltage drop. It would at least be a function of current and temperature, and perhaps current and temperature and state of charge.
I have the files from the display as it logs them in .csv format - as well as eddited and trimmed data files in .csv or excel spreadsheet formats. They can be quite long - since the paktrakr delivers one data line per second, so an hour would be 3600 lines. Luckily - the actual drive to work testing I am currently doing is just a copuple minutes, and I used to let the logger keep coing for the whole 8 hour shift - but lately started to simply log a few seconds before the actual drive and about 10 - 30 seconds or so after most times, so they are now just little 28kb files or so each trip.

I could make them posted in my electricfly site for access if you like?

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