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Thank you Paul for this great site. I think I can learn a great amount here. You are welcome for the gift to your fund. I know what it is like to work hard and have no rewards.

My name is Royal Walker. I live in Indiana with my lovely wife Jill. I will be fifty eight this year (2009). I have worked as a toolmaker for several years, 20+. I have always had a interest in electronics and anything mechanical.

I have experimented with Atmega micro-controllers a little.
I would like to build a controller and install it in a EV.

I have a electric wheelchair that I might try to make a new controller for. This would be a good experience for me, if that went ok I would like to build a EV.

Have a great day,

Royal Walker

Have a great EV day !!! Please Donate !!!
"Help FIX the 144V Open Source Motor Controller" !!!
Link is (

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