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I don't suspect it either, and I don't maintain that anyone isn't doing it. I maintain that if your perogative is to waste your time fudging a fuel log to impress people you don't really know, and probably will never meet, then I guess that's on you (figuratively, not personally). I'll do me, you do you.

I just don't really see the spread of knowledge being a "practice what you preach" scenario. What with all the "fact checking" that goes on around here, those who would normally spread false information are typically silenced quickly by the correct information, accompanied by several sources from which to verify said information, and as such, I don't personally feel that something so subjective should be used as further evidence of someone's honesty/integrity.

IOW - some people really don't care about fuel economy, as it were, but are more interested in spreading/supplying knowledge to those who wish to pursue it. Are they to be ignored for not having kept accurate fuel logs? For not striving to get the most out of every drop of fuel they burn? For aiding others with their pursuit of fuel economy/efficiency, but not practicing the same?

I say nay.

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