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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Err... Explain why any reasonable person (e.g. not competing in races) would need more than two. One road bike, one mountain bike: more just seems like conspicuous consumption :-) And I don't even use the road bike that much, since I started telecommuting full-time. Oh, I could go do some touring for exercise & recreation, but the dog gives me such pitiful "why are you leaving me behind again?" looks that I wind up either taking the mountain bike, or decide to hike instead.
Sorry about the lag time... but to answer your question. A road bike for quick light loads, commuting. A mountain bike for off road adventures. A more sturdy road bike or hybrid for pulling a trailer of ....well whatever you need--or even your dog so he doesnt have to stay home again. A tandem so that you and your significant other can ride together with out one of you always having to wait for the other.

Then for those that are more competative.... a road race bike.... a tri/time trial bike, a mountain bike or cross bike for off road races.

My Dad told me to always use the right tool for the job, I apply it to cycling.
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