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I just got mine this week but right now I have:

AVG - - - - TPS
MPG - - - - fIA

I find the TPS helps me keep a steady throttle and the instant MPG helps me keep my foot out of it on takeoffs, I try to always stay above 10mpg instant.

Very preliminarily, my Escape seems less prone to kick out of OD up a hill when the IA is over ~105 dF, which would seem to say hot air gives it more power, can this be? I gotta play with it some more but maybe a WAI would be good for mine.

I just got the SGII a week ago, I have not messed with xgauge yet but plan to, I want to be able to check trans fluid temp and I think I want tank mpg instead of trip mpg on my gauge panel.
2005 Ford Escape 2.3L/Auto
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