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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
No, not with a simple constant current applied to them. and that is precisely why this discussion about charging batteries belongs in another thread (hint, hint)
And actually, Lithium ion batteries should not be charged with constant current. The correct way is to charge with current limit up to 4.2v per cell (for the most common type), then hold the voltage for a time, then stop. For optimum service life, a lower voltage should be used.

Interestingly enough, a simple "diodes and capacitors" charger is actually remarkably efficient. The only significant losses are from the rectifier diodes themselves. Not suitable for use with Lithium ion batteries, however. They work great for NiMH and lead acid. (Note that while the lead acid version will definitely require a voltage control, the NiMH version will not require any control device if the rate is low enough.)
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