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Originally Posted by wjdennis View Post
I was looking over the BOM for the power section. It lists 10 diodes. When I clicked on the diode's link to Digikey, I saw 30A listed as the diode's rating. 30A * 10 equals only 300A. Are those really the diodes you're using, or is there something about the ratings that I'm not understanding?


Hey Bill! Each stth6002c "diode" is actually 2 diodes inside.

There are 3 legs. One diode goes from Leg 3 to leg 2, and another diode goes from leg 1 to leg 2. So, each stth6002c part can handle 60amps RMS. So, 10 can handle 600 amps RMS. Isn't that sort of confusing?! man! Diode Makers these days!

Watt: The control board is all labeled with each part number and orientation, so it's not TOOOOOO bad, but still. hehe.. Definitely a place where a lot of mistakes could creep in. That's why I would really like to remove the human from the loop on that part. The rest is basically like putting a puzzle together.
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