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snow-bank aero-Jeep

I love it! And with some fruit flavoring,its edible too! My neighbor has a C-J,and it has a lot of gaps which allow air to go between the fenders and grille,and without an airdam,the air collides with the front tires,chassis,and suspension components.Quite a torture-chamber under there.And as Darin has pointed out,you probably managed to block some of that flow and get it to flow"outside"the jeep,where its got a clean shot to the rear.You might duplicate the effort with cardboard and duct tape.Also,if you could develop some curvature around and over the roof I think you'd see some additional benefit at the gas pump.The flat plate that the windshield is mounted to has a drag coefficient of 1.17,almost as high as that of a parachute.You'll notice that the Jeep Liberty has softened leading edges all over it's front end,and that really helps stretch it's fuel.Love the pictures,good luck on the project.
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