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Controller, motor combination.

Would the cougar controller be a good controller for this motor? Another question, would this motor be a decent motor for an ev conversion?
Sorry if i'm off topic here. Jim

GE 8" Series wound Dual shaft motor

43 HP at 120 Volts DC ELECTRIC MOTOR 34 HP at 97V with 5,700 RPM approximately
25 HP at 72V with 4,200 RPM approximately
17 HP at 48V with 2,800 RPM approximately
7,000 RPM approximately at no load and 120 Volts DC
300 Amps full load at all voltages
Ball bearing
Rotation reversible
Double Shafted
.Front Shaft 1 Diam. X 2" and tapers to 13/16"
.Rear Shaft 1" Diam. X 4" approximately
Size 8.25 X 20 including shaft approximately
Shpg. 145 lb estimate
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