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Originally Posted by micondie View Post
Your reply reminded me that the underdrive pulleys I have bought have come in sets. I had just been thinking of the alternator pulley.
How much diference is there between the Caravan pulley and the Neon pulley? Do you think there is enough meat on the factory crank pulley so it's OD can be reduced? Any reducton of this pulley will affect all belt driven accessories.
I don't know about on a 3.3, on my 2.4, no. The pulley is also a harmonic balancer, so it's a steel donut held to a cast iron hub by a rubber ring. Garbage, but it works for OEM.

If yours is just steel, you could probably shave about 4mm from your pulley total (2mm from each side) with a lathe, but if you're doing a serpentine pulley, get a few cutting tools and put them together so that they match the profile of the pulley, so you don't have so much trouble re-cutting the grooves for the belt. The grooves can be no more than something like 2mm tall, else they cut into the belt. (It might even be smaller than that, Im going from memory from several years ago.)

Thinking about it, the Neon's pulley won't work for you, because it's an inverted 2.4 Caravan pulley.

You might try the pulley from an Intrepid, or a 3.0 Stratus R/T.

Other than that, check out eBay. 3.0TT pulleys are all over for less than $100.

Of course, if you have lathe skills, you could make one from dense plastic that would be lighter and still underdrive your accessories. (I've used plastic pulleys, but I don't remember what plastic to use... I just know it's really hard stuff. Maybe you could use Nylon? It has a lubricating effect, though, which might not be a good idea b/c it could cause slippage.)
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