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Originally Posted by Southcross View Post
the drawback with Autotransmission-"coasting" (not sure if that is the case any more...) is that the hydraulic pumps only work with the car in drive. Coasting in neutral, the tranny fluid isn't being circulated/cooled and the tranny overheats/burns up.
If the engine is still running, then both ends of the tranny are still turning, so whichever side the lube pump is on, it's still getting the job done.

Some autos you don't dare EOC, but I do engine-on neutral coasting all the time, in every vehicle I drive from a Subie Forester all the way up to a 16ft Fuso cargo van. No worries.

-edit- (reads further in thread) Okay, somebody else said it too. Uh, ditto!

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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