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Hey Royal! That would be great! I have the drawings of the bus bars, but they were chosen based on the free copper bars I got from wherewolf (on ecomodder, not a real werewolf). I think there are a few modifications necessary. I'll try to come up with what it would be in general. Drawings for the heat spreader, and for the bus bars. Thank you!

Thank you, Watt-A-Mezz! Now, if anyone wants to buy them from Digikey and have them shipped here, I can send that person over $17.00 from Paypal to offset the cost of the caps. When I add the poly caps, that will increase the ripple current by 5 amps per poly cap, so maybe that would make everything fine with the 470uF caps?

I think I'm going to use the 470uF caps with 3 of the polypropylene caps, which add about 15 amps of ripple current ability.

kits and boards

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