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From driving my 2004, which doesn't have VCM:

- Keep the rpm low. Below 2000 for accelerating.
- Learn when the shift points happen. Let up a bit on the gas to encourage it to shift sooner.
- Once it's locked into top gear (45mph), do all you can to keep it there.
- You can hold it in top gear better on uphills than the cruise control can. I disable cruise for uphills and then reengage it when the flat land resumes.
- It's eager to engine-brake, so be ready with the shifter to drop it into Neutral for longer coasting.
- Any stop and reacceleration is going to cost you big-time, so do all you can to keep moving - timing lights for example.
- Pump up the tires. Balance comfort / noise against mileage, but definitely go a bit above the car's doorpost numbers.

Does it have an MPG readout? If not, Scangauge time! Seriously. In a thirsty beast like this, it'll pay for itself in short order, through driver training.

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