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Honda has to deal with a little something called 'REALITY'. You might have heard of it. Its the place where the DOT regulates the size of rear view mirrors, cost dictates the diameter of your rims etc. If you want all that concept car junk on your car, you're welcome to get your hands dirty and build those parts yourself. I'm sure the aftermarket would be more than happy to sell it to you as well. The new insight is a huge leap forward from the first generation simply because a lot more people will buy it. Toyota and Honda tried completely different formulas with the first generation hybrids. The 4 door practical sedan/hatch back won because real people with real money to spend are willing to sacrifice some fuel economy in exchange for a practical family car. Honda got the message and followed the leader. More power to them. At least they have the ability to adapt and learn from their mistakes. More than I can say for GM.

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