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Good stuff !!!

Hi Paul,

I am new to this group, the past few days I have finished reading all the thread pages for the Revolt EV Motor Controller. What this group has accomplished is very impressive !!! I would be willing to help on this open source ReVolt project. I have experience in PCB design and electro-mechanical packaging.

Reading through the threads I understand that the Revolt has been designed as a scalable modular EV DC motor controller. Back on some of the earlier threads, there was talk of some different power versions of the Revolt. I believe the power module that you are working on now is rated around 144V @ 500A. What needs to be done to increase the current rating on the ReVolt unit ? Is it just adding more mosfet/diode/capacitor pairs and increasing the current limit range ? Would that require a software change too ?

What is the power rating for a mosfet/diode pair on the present power module ? The irfp4668 mosfet is rated at 130A @ 200V, and the stth6002 diode pair at 60A @ 200V. You said in one of the threads that they were rated around 50 amps per mosfet/diode pair, is this still true ? I am interested in the design of a modular chassis for the ReVolt that would allow you to increase the current rating by adding power module PCBs (1-mosfet, 1-diode, 2-power capacitors ,1-gate resistor). They would just bolt to the buss bars, and the heatsink. You could repair or upgrade a bad power mosfet by swapping out a power module PCB, not the whole power PCB like you are using now. Using a standard buss bar chassis, the ReVolt could be assembled as a 500A, 750A, 1000A, etc. controller by just adding additional individual power module PCBs.

Thats my 2 cents.

PS. Can someone add the latest schematic rev2C to the wiki ???
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