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I couldn't help but notice that you (OP) say you found gains from using Teflon additives in your oil.

Maybe this is the time to point out that DuPont (the maker of Teflon) specifically maintains no knowledge of any advantages from using their product in motor vehicle engines.

Currently, the most common and popular oil additives on the market are those that contain PTFE powders suspended in a regular, over-the-counter type, 50-rated petroleum or synthetic engine oil. PTFE is the common abbreviation used for Polytetrafloeraethylene, more commonly known by the tradename "Teflon," which is a registered trademark of the DuPont Chemical Corporation. Among those oil additives we have identified as containing PTFE are: Slick 50, Liquid Ring, Lubrilon, Microlon, Matrix, Petrolon (same company as Slick 50), QMl, and T-Plus (K-Mart). There are probably many more names in use on many more products using PTFE. We have found that oil additive makers like to market their products under a multitude of "private brand" names.
More information, including a full report:Snake Oil! - Is That Additive Really A Negative? .: Articles

Futher information:
The Science of it All Part II
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