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Originally Posted by hondaworkshop View Post
25.5 seems low for a 91 Civic. It should do 30 without trying, especially for a non-Si model. If you lived near me, I'd help you get it tuned need for wheel skirts yet!

Does it have an engine swap?
Where does your temp gauge usually sit?
Does it idle rough?
Actually yea I am sure the car could be tuned up. I bought it from my friend who had it in his family from his grandma. So I think it was basically single owner, except that my friend drove it for a few years. I bought it for $800 with ~150k miles on it. I'm now on 159,000 about. Probably should fix up the tires and stuff. But basically I am not looking to invest much money in fixing up this car - honestly it's kind of dangerous to drive in NJ, where I regularly almost get run over by SUVs. Not that I would buy an SUV - but at least a sturdier 4 cylinder.

I believe it is the original engine. The temp gauge usually sits a bit below halfway (but I really don't pay attention to it much). I wouldn't say it idles rough but its not smooth either - there are definite problems with the car, including suspension.

BTW, do you think it should get 30 city? I typically drive it 6 miles to work (round-trip), mostly on residential roads, not highways. Give me a few weeks to get more accurate MPG numbers.
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