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The best way to find out what work has been done to a vehicle is to ask the last owner, I like to do this befor I buy a vehicle, but if you know the person, like you say you do, then I would simply give them a phone call.
I paid someone else to change my timing belt and it ended up costing me about $250, if you live in a larger city the price is going to be more of course, if you take it to a mecanic they might be able to tell you how new it looks but are most likely going to tell you that if you are unsure on if it has been replaced then you should need to do it, because basicly they are going to look at the rubber of the timing belt and inspect it for very small cracks and other signs of age.
If you want to learn how to do work on your car your self you can either download a shop manual, or spend $25 at an auto parts store, or find a used one at a book store or on Ebay, I tend to get frustrated with the downloaded manuals because they often are for non US modles of honda's and they don't tell you outright what country they are for, so some of their specs are slightly differnt.
If you know someone who is willing to help you out then you are doing good, spend some time with them just looking under the hood, and take notes! it of course helps if they are used to the type of vehicle you have, just like I have dificulty navigating my way around a Ford, I can do it but I tend to look dumb.
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