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How to Build an Electric Car DVDs for sale!

Do I have your attention?


A while back, I looked around for any videos for sale on electric car construction. I was only able to find one, which was a rather disappointing. It was just a couple of hand-held videos of guys showing the basics of their cars to each other - really NOT a "How To" at all.

So, that got me thinking.

A) I built an electric car.
B) I have a video camera.

Perhaps I should make my own video on how to build an electric car. OK - How I built my electric car. Sort of a "here's how I did it" video.

Ideally, I could spend some time to make it a high-quality, very watchable video. I know a few people who could create music and graphics for it. I would combine on-screen of me talking about the car with video of the car parts, lots of the old video that I shot as I built the car, and I suppose I would even include all my little YouTube videos.

If you were to BUY a DVD on how to build an electric car:
How much would you be willing to pay?
How long should the video be?
What do you expect in the video appearence? Would it have to be shot in a studio, or is a driveway OK?
What would you like covered in the video?
How technical would it have to be?
What other questions should I be asking you?

If I make a "How To" video, it could be the first of many. My friend Tom is building an AC car, and my friend Rich is going to build a from-scratch three-wheeler. Both those projects would make excellent how-to videos as well.

Please let me know what you think.


Summer of 2010 I made the instructional DVD.
Jan, 2011, I finally bothered to make a promotional ad for it. You can see that below.)

__________________ Learn how to BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR CHEAP
My YouTube Videos

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