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Here's a rather long radio interview Dougie just did. God, this guy is one helluva self promoter. If ya'll can stomach listening, a lot can be gleaned, from the things this charlatan says..or doesn't say...


What a joker....

He hems and haws, stammers, doesn't give many straight answers.

first he says he has 312000 orders, then, when asked what an engine will cost, he stammers, "Well, we're just getting started, we're new at this, we don't have all the costs nailed down yet..."...or words to that effect.

Says he needed the X Prize money to ramp up....yet he's now hired about 20-25 people, and has a mess of motors to work on....where would the money come from to do all this? How could he pay all the parts suppliers--he said they won't be making anything, just assembling.....

He did say he did the Vegas trip on 39 gallons of "gas" Yep, prolly he did, which didn't include another 200 gallons of ethanol....which would be about right--close to 20 mpg....tho that's prolly too high given the btu rating of ethanol is so low.

That radio host guy is an idiot as well....
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