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"I can't believe it's not free trade"

The TILMA is a document mostly about non tarriff barriers to trade. This is fancy language for regulations that corporations don't like. Don't thank your local media for letting you know what this all means because they didn't.

Here is a quite from The Council of Canadians website giving a backgrounder on the TILMA:

TILMA is a legal document that gives special rights to individuals and corporations to sue provincial governments and their official agencies over any rules, regulations or other government measures that they feel “restrict or impair” their trade or investment (i.e. profits). Under TILMA, even provincial or municipal policies designed to protect the environment and public health from corporate abuse are vulnerable to attack from such lawsuits.

When TILMA came into effect on April 1, 2007, it established a legally binding process for parties to the agreement—the provinces, as well as private individuals and corporations—to challenge:

Government programs and regulations if they “restrict or impair” investment (Article 3)
Regulations in one province that are different from those in another (Article 5.1)
The establishment of new, stricter regulations (Article 5.3)
Initiatives by one province that the other does not agree with (Article 7.2)
All disagreements over whether a government measure constitutes a restriction on profits will be arbitrated by independent NAFTA-style panels with the power to penalize governments with fines as high as $5 million. Unlike the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), there is no screening process in TILMA for frivolous complaints, and governments can be hit with repeated complaints against the same program or regulation.
So, keeping on track here, Someone could sue the City of Vancouver for their new EV charging plugs in 20% of condos by-law if they could prove one of the above articles.

Bye bye, democracy, It was nice suing you.
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