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car trouble robbing gas

Ive been having some issues with my rodeo and I thought I would ask everyone if they could help figure out whats up.

Sometimes when I start my car the engine revs pretty high and then will drop back down to a normal idle. This has happend a few times in the past 2 months. last weekend I go to start my car and it starts but stalls right away, when I put my foot on the gas it stayed running but as soon as I let off it would stall again. The problem didnt happen agian the next day when I started it up but it agian idled really high and then dropped back down to a normal idle within 10 secs or so.

Any help would be amazing I am pretty mechanically inclined just dont know evenything about cars and dont want to just start replacing things that might not be causing the problem. I was thinking it was the throttle position sensor that is going bad?

Thanks agian

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