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Thanks for your comments! I will change the number of holes in the 4 hole bus bar to 5 if you like. All of the holes in the PCB will be through hole plated if there is copper on both sides of the board. So the vias between the caps will not need to linked and soldered.

Yes that is the right size for the TO-247 components and I agree that minumum bending is the way to go.

For the gate pad I will make it through hole and leave a bigger pad on the bottom side for this and the gate resistor. The gate resistor can also be mounted through hole as well to make it more secure.

The copper free boarders under the 5/16" holes are to isolate the top layer from the bottom layer, remember that all holes are through plated. If you don't do that you have to drill out the through hole plating and that would be messy.
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