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Thanked 1,525 Times in 1,126 Posts do YOU read this? When I GOOGLED on MaxiTrip, I was sent to this URL: MaxiTrip

...and, (???)the 5th down "product" listed was this item: "Scan Gauge 3-in-1" with the text "Scan Gauge 3-in-1 Automotive Computer. SCAN GAUGE II FOR VEHICLES BUILT AFTER 1996. Scan Gauge II by Linear-Logic is a 3-in-1 Automotive Computer. It functions as at Trip Computer, MPG Gauge and a..."

...kinda makes you wonder if *they're* the actual manufacturer of the SG/SGII for Linear-Logic here in Arizona?

...according to the website, their address is: Rm404, Unit A, Tower Ninth, Zhujiang Xujing Area, Banxuegang Rd., Longgang, Shenzhen 518129, China., Shenzhen, Guangdon, China; Phone: 86-755-61216348 - Fax: 86-755-61216911

...try pronouncing all that without a mistake?!!?
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