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First, is this on the Sunfire, BTW?

Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I went to the local big box auto store this morning and had them do a battery and alternator test.

Both checked out ok. I don't think the particular guy who was helping me was real bright - he could follow the directions on the machine, but wasn't very helpful on offering any advice.
Bummer. It's hit or miss, but sometimes the free load test can help. Let's assume that the results are correct for a moment...

Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
No that I have driven it, I can say it feels like there is a lot of drag on the system. Like the parking brake is left on almost.

It idles at 600-650 rpm, and something in the engine compartment has a little bit of a rattle, and it sure sounds like the alternator

If I let off the gas while driving, the RPM drops real fast, and the cars slows, rather than that coasting effect you usually get when you let off the gas in an automatic transmission car.
What does the SG read on VLT? Also, if you have a voltmeter, test the voltage of battery, at the battery (engine off).

Also, pop the car into Neutral and coast at say, 35 or so (maybe even a parking lot). Take note of any accessories: power steering action, turn on the A/C and see what happens.

Why I ask, the possibility of different part failure could exist (water pump, A/C clutch bearing, transmission -- just guessing aside from possibly the obvious).

Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
The other weird thing about this is that the Scan Gauge was reading right around 50 mpg @ 2000 rpm while I was driving anywhere between 30 and 45 MPH. I would think the car should be getting really bad economy right now. What's with that??!!?!
Check the settings of the SG for proper displacement -- could've gotten bumped down to a smaller engine size or other settings. Otherwise, wierd.

I wonder if resetting the ECU could provide some answers -- maybe the computer is freaking about something...

I agree with the Schultz on this one -- may have to take it to a local mechanic if you can't pinpoint the problem...

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