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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
... after 2 seasons it seized up and I had to tear it apart and clean out the rust, seal the connections, rebuild the motor brushes, and I packed it full of wheel bearing grease. Shouldn't have had to do that but no problems since.
I kinda like HF but it's sort of the Big Lots of tools - some of it's crap. The discriminating shopper has a good chance of getting a great deal. The random shopper has a good chance of getting a tool that will hold up just long enough for the receipt to be thrown away.

My Pittsburgh 1/2" drive wrenches are fantastic. Love 'em. Chinese or maybe Taiwan, and I don't care. Dang, they're tough. And in the same breath, I've got some nameless screwdrivers I just nabbed because they were cheap and bright orange so I could keep track of them - they're for the junkyard bag. I should've just left them at the junkyard. I know why they're nameless - I sure as heck wouldn't want MY name on them.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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