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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Sometimes, I'll even buy broken sockets, if they're cracked and I can cut the cracked section and just make the socket shorter. I've also bought them so that I could cut the side out and make them fit on weird nuts or bolts, some of which have flanges and the like.
I've done that, cheapo $2-for-a-handful sockets from the pawnshop, two minutes with the angle grinder and bingo, new O2 sensor socket.

I have to pick locks at work every once in a while. I could pay $50 for the local guy to come do it ($45 trip charge, $45 per hour, takes him maybe three minutes), or pay the $10 for a set of decent picks, but every time I need to pick a lock I sacrifice a couple of paperclips to the Handyman Gods and get to it. It's surprising how well it works. Some tools are just so...superfluous.

I confess, for the bigger ratchet-drive hexes I just paid the $10 for a set. I didn't need them, but the price was pretty good, and they looked so nice. I admit it, I'm addicted.

I'll probably wind up buying the lockpicks, too.

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