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Damned irresponisible rubberneckers!!

On Monday afternoon I went into town. Rubberneck galore!!!! At least three drivers took pictures with their phones while driving, one van stayed in the lane next to me for four kilometers, blocking everyone behind, with the passenger yelling at me "What is this supposed to be?" All of this at 80km/h. Whenever I stopped at a red, the cars in the neighboring lanes wouldn't pull up right next to me, but slightly behind. I was kind of expecting this, but I thought drivers would be at least slightly more responsible. I'm putting this in my signiture:
Originally Posted by blueflame View Post
The more you drive, the less you think. Thats why I always take the bus.
That monday excursion really stressed me out. I'm not a shy person, but I don't like being in the center of attention either. Especially if this attention can be potential hazard When I got to my destination I was really tensed up and had to walk around a park for 30 minutes to calm down.
After that I picked up the Wife and told her about my trip, and she says "Aw, come on. You've been reading that forum of your's too much and you're seeing things. Noone really cares." As she was saying this I was waiting at an intersection for a city bus to roll by. Just as she finished, the bus suddenly stopped in the middle of the intersection, the driver stared at Svietlana for 5-6 seconds, and continued on. Wife: "I take that back. Sorry."
Maybe it's good I didn't do a full boattail or the Air Force would escort me to the nearest landing strip. That's what you get for being the only rear-skirted and Kammbacked car within thousands of kilometers.

Anyway, down to business. It's hard to tell whether the mods made a big difference since I was too stressed out and had to pay a lot of attention to what was going around me and not get hit, plus there was a moderate wind that day. But, on the way home, there is a long (1-1.5km) downslope going from the city center to the river, and normally if I start at 80km/h I barely slow down. With the mods my speed was constant, maybe with a slight tendency to increase

BTW, the Monday trip was to take the Wife to her driver's licence exam. She passed

Today I went to get the oil filter and oil changed (to 5W30, previously either 5W30 or 5W40, I don't know). As I left home the computer signalled that I have fuel for only 95km left in the tank (I've already done 1250km). I did 10km and when I got back the comp estimated that I now have fuel for 100km. Now, how's that for hypermiling?!

If all goes well, this Sunday I'll do coastdown and cruise control testing, A-B-A style. Anything in particular that I should pay attention to? Any last minute suggestions?
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