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biggy boy -

Originally Posted by biggy boy View Post
Thanks for the welcome

Yes using metric units for the setup does make sense!
That is what I used when I input the setup info.

The only thing I can figure about the inaccuracies of the Maxitrip is,
they rushed the software and didn't test it out for long enough before releasing it to the public.

I noticed at there web site they have software updates for several of their
other products, but not the Maxitrip

I wonder how long this device has been on the market?

I need to make a decision soon
Do I take it back?
Or do I wait for them to hopefully come out with a fixed update.

I like the look and feel of the unit.

But who knows for sure if they are going to update the software at all??
If I wait another week or two or more I probably won't be able to return it.
It really is of no use when the distance is so far off.
I agree. Chances are the MPG algorithm is not robust for the broad spectrum of cars out there. I'll bet they only tested for a narrow range of cars, got "good enough" results for those makes and models, and started selling it.

Scangauge got it right the first time, so they have a respectable track record. Aesthetically I think the Maxitrip looks nice, but it sounds like it can't cut the mustard for MPG.


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