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Originally Posted by Blue Bomber Man View Post
So 22 of those puppies would get you to your voltage and also give you 880Ah's for a weight of 73 pounds. Of course this would run you about $1800 total and you would still need the BMS. I don't know the stats for your setup but I would bet that would be 20-40 miles of all electric range at city speeds.

I could run the numbers through a spread sheet for you if you want. I would need to know Cd, Frontal Area, vehicle weight, estimate of rolling resistance of your tires (if you don't know I will just throw a reasonable number there), electric motor efficiency (usually around 90%).

My numbers though will assume no drag from the cars normal engine hookup.

If you want me to run the numbers for the batteries you got I can do that as well.
Blue Bomber Man
Working backwards, could you run that spread sheet to tell me the capacity required for my battery pack using the following criteria?

reasonable accell stop & go: 0 - 35mph in 15s
top speed: 35 - 45mph
range: 15 - 20mi

Cd: 0.450
Frontal Area: 15 sq. ft. (2.5' x 6')
vehicle weight 5000lbs (4250+750)
rolling resistance tires ?-full size truck 265/70/17 AT
electric motor efficiency 90%

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