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dcb -

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I like that idea, allows non clunker taxpayers incentive to buy.

Problem though is it may not really target 'murrican manufacturers if the new cars that are being bought are mostly of the high mpg sort, so it probably would have created a lot of grumbling and huffing.
I think I mean something different :

Round 1 : CFC works as it already has. Now there is a set of traded-in clunkers.

Round 2 : Identify the clunkers that are in good or better condition. These become "certified for trade in" on vehicles that are even "clunkier" than them. "clunkier" could be vehicles with worse MPG or tired drivetrains. This second set of buyers don't get a new car, but they do get a higher MPG car with a stronger drivetrain.

Round 3 : Repeat Round 2 until it's not worth the effort.

The idea is to save the vehicles that still have a useful service life. I think that would mollify the main complaint against the CFC, aka why crush a good engine?


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