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looks like the front airdam could be lowered about 3-inches(75-mm),and then that elevation could carry all the way down the rocker panels,and behind the rear wheels to the back of the car.I would trim back the mudflaps so they don't tear at the flow.A rear deck spoiler on the trunklid,rising up and to the rear at no steeper than a 30-degree angle,and tall enough that a long straight-edge laid across the back of the roof and spoiler top indicated an angle no steeper than say 12-degrees as measured from the horizon.Your wheelcovers are very good,I'd hang on to those.If the lower grille opening appears to have "overkill"(way too much opening compared to rediator width) you could close off some of the outer portion of that opening.------------ Your short commute is a killer to mpg,it takes 22 continuous miles of driving just to get all your lubes up the equilibrium temp.If you could magically pre-heat your engine,transaxle,and all bearings,you'd see remarkably higher mpg.
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