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Aerocaps & Access - A Project to improve the Aerodynamics of a Pickup using an Aerodynamic CAP

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
While I like aerocaps for the potential fe benefits for pickups, I gotta wonder what the point of driving a pickup around with an aerocap is? Doesn't the cap largely defeat the purpose of driving a truck in the first place? .
Hi Frank, I am not sure of the other designs, but I have been thinking heavily of this issue along the way - and looking at various ways to get the best aero while not carying - but access with ease also.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I'm thinking of my own truck situation... yeah, an aerocap could help the fe to some degree... but then I wouldn't have unfettered access to the box! It would be quite a chore to load a snowmobile or riding mower or snow blower or whatever even if there was a conventional cap on, not to mention an aero cap. IF I'm driving that sow in the first place it's because I'm hauling or towing something! When I'm not hauling or towing... I don't use the truck.
So - What about a removable trailing 40-60% segment, or better yet - a cover found like in Tonneaus - a slide up or roll up center area, either manual or powered?

By the Way - some new pics posted on my truck at my new website - AEROCAPS - see the second item in menu too!

Also - my Blog has a few new items in it -with mileage results, etc.


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