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I'm not much of a hyper-miler myself, Florida and an automatic trans don't present much of an opportunity for P&G or coasting so I mostly DWL and bear it. I'll probably get a MT car eventually but I want to see how far I can get this one first, would be nice to get to 50 but that's a ways off.

Last tank (most of a tank, 300 miles) came out to 40.88 MPG so I don't know if it was a bad tank or some of the mods are actually hurting FE. There were other changes at the same time as well though, I replaced a fuel tank that was full of rust which might have been creating some kind of lean burn condition due to it clogging up the fuel pump "sock/filter".

I'm going to put another tank through and then tape the part I cut off the rear back on and see what that does for a few tanks. Then maybe I'll remove the front air-dam and see what that does for a few tanks-at that point all the mods on the car will be ones that can't possibly be having any negative effect (wheel skirts, partial grill block and mirror delete).
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