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Well, My Car - is the electricfly, and it would not have carried the items for a cruise, and the camping gear for a trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this summer, let alone drive the distance - therfore one of the reasons for the AeroCap are shared. Another thing - the Wagon I had before the Truck - had a maximum towing capacity of 1,000 lbs - so could not take the electricfly to shows beyond it's own driving distance on a charge! (It weighs in at about 2,000 lbs with batteries in!)

A Scooter - parked in an open an unsecured apartment building parking lot could be scooped by a couple of kids, and - our apartment is up stairs - no elevator!

Walking is what I often do to go to work, the Bank, or the Mall - Because I moved to a place wherein I could do such things by walking - so - your are right!

However - I would not be ready to walk from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, to catch a cruise, or from Fort Lauderdale to Oshkosh to make Air Venture, nor from Oshkosh back to Toronto to get home and back to work! So - a variety of transportation methods still need to be around for varying types of trips, and uses.
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