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Hello! Additives get some stick don't they? I have a Nissan Serrena with head gasket/head failure. My Garage quote 1000Sterling to fix it. I paid 500, plus my old car (795 he wanted). My loan shark again lent us cash. I bought it. It was the middle of school holidays last August, kids wanted to go to the beach. He told that its got a new water pump, so I figured it okay. Damn thing kept overheating. So where do I find another Grand to pay for it?? Easy, I bought a bottle of K-Seal
K-Seal, K-Tek, QuikSteel, QuikTape, Just-For-Copper
Poured it into the radiator, took it to another Garage because mine scorned K-Seal, told them what the story was, they re bled the system and pressure tested it and let it run for 30 minutes non stop.
That was February this year 2009. I've driven a couple of thousand miles or more, the only issue I get is that its smelly at 90mph, the temperature gauge doesn't move, it gots a little shirty back in the heatwave 30deg celcius, but its still okay, I was stuck in a traffic jam at the time but as soon as we got moving the tempeature went down and we carry on. The tempeature needle never goes above centre, this is a mid mount engine with an engine fan and 2 radiator fans up front. The engine fan cuts in and out if the suns out the radiator fans don't come on.
K-Seal apparently fills tiny cracks. I was getting both positive and negative feedback all over the web. I've seen You Tube videos, one had a Dodge pickup that was steaming and clonking, K-Seal was poured in and after a minute or so, the engine calms down and begins to return to normal.
I paid 15 sterling for a bottle including P & P, and my engine is fine. I keep the empty bottle in the car as a souvenir. To me, it was a bottle of magic potion.To my kids, trips to the seaside, the forest and every other outing our people carrier is good for.
Now, I'm learning to drive efficiently.
Thank you

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