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An old guy I used to hang out with (inherited friend when Dad passed on) had a saying for every occasion.... and one of his favorites was "Nothing's ever been so simple that some fool couldn't make it more complicated."

The two-figure, "city/highway" is great. it shows best typical and worst typical in a way that everyone can relate to, and everyone can decide where they fit on a one dimensional figure like that.

It's kinda like how engines are rated as horsepower and torque... we know that horsepower IS torque with the factor of time included.. but by seeing both figures we can get an idea - RAPIDLY - in our head of how the engine behaves. Low HP number and high torque number? It's a stump puller... high HP and low torque? Zippy. Instant understanding.

That is what I think is valuable about the city/highway two-measurement system. The actual numbers don't matter because everyone drives differently from each other - but when you see the two numbers you instantly understand what they mean to you.
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