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Well, as it turns out, I'm glad I did the mockup first. It has become obvious that 1/2 aluminum plate would have been much too thick- or I would have needed to modify my coupler. I don't like modifying: it's like change, and I don't like change, it scares me. ev59rag, I do have a drill press. It was given to me. Parts fly off of it occasionally but the price was right. It threw the chuck at me today, that was NOT cool. At least it didn't throw Chuck at me, he weighs a lot. The hole saw I bought made one hole. It cost $17.99 so my budget was totally "fubared" as a result. I am in way over what my wallet can handle. I might have to stop this conversion if money doesn't start rolling in. But I digress: I tried to cut a second hole, but the hole saw just laughed. I swear it should say on the package "for single use only". For $17.99 I feel cheated. So I had to use a Dremel. I love that Dremel. Tomorrow I should have the adapter plate mockup finished.
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