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vpoppv, I seen you posting over in my thread about the coupler I used
Im just wondering if the coupler you are using to secure the motor and the tranny here is just one setscrew coupler with the setscrews holding the two hubs together and no welding? I wasnt sure if the youtube you have up is all its going to be of if you will end up welding it together. If you didnt weld it, you will have built yourself the worlds simplest torque limiter! The setscrews will hold the motor and tranny together till you put the wheels on the ground and hit the accelerator for the first time! To keep it super simple and get about 2 or so km from the coupler you could try to use a drillbit to make an indent in the motor and trans hubs and sink the setscews into them to create some positive coupling as opposed to the friction of the setscrews alone. I guess we'll have to see just how hard you are trying to succeed at failure
Fun thread, I'll keep watching this one.
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