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I found myself at another Honda dealer in town, and had the chance to drive the Insight this weekend.

This time, the vehicle was left to idle by the salesman, while he went to get a plate. SOC was at 50% or less, which was a concern, but the engine was warm. With more stop-and-go driving and a longer highway circuit, the FE was 41.2 MPG (which is still less than the Fit).

On a side note, the first gen Insight 5-speed I drove a while ago, pulled-off nearly 60 MPG on my first run...

This test was in the LX version, which is what I'm looking for. I'm curious to find out how soon an acceptable plug-in recharge system would be available, or how necessary it would be. Apologies for reducing the technology to a simple comparison, but it really just moved around like my old Civic DX that had 106 hp and averaged 40 mpg, but instead with an automatic, A/C, and 5-door hatch capability.

I really need a DAY with the car, but that's not going to happen. Aside from the pre-determined test drive circuit, I assume FE is generally increased when you get into the groove of learning the car, and taking-on a longer trip. I want to say that 50 is attainable with minimal technique. I like the driving position, seat comfort and ergonomics of most controls.

I've decided not to drive/consider the Prius. I have a concern with Toyota's reliability lately -- plus, I don't think it's my style. I've driven too many Toyotas lately that have some fit/finish issues and general funkiness. Granted, FE would be easy, but how cool is that?

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