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Hi Lou. I think Joe is the only one actually driving one right now. He's working on his A/C right now, so the car is in the garage. There will be more people driving them in a few days. I'm almost done with 3 controllers now. The JB weld on the nuts (loc-tite on steroids) is drying right as I speak. There are a few things to do, like make end caps. I'll probably just use the code that Joe likes in his car. It seems to be working well for him.

Lead time for controller kits is "10 weeks" but secretly, it should be shorter than that! I'm just saying that to make people not worry if it takes some time, since my job is starting up again in a few days. The kit is very diy. I've been taking lots of pictures, and I have a 26 page pdf that is evolving as the process improves and simplifies. The process is getting easier and better. It's still not what I would call easy, but it's very doable for someone that can solder.
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