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Hi Reggie. The soldering isn't the easiest thing in the world. The control board is really pretty annoying. You have to keep your solder tip clean, and you really have to let the ground plane heat up a bit before the solder will stick to those spots.

It's a very unforgiving project. If you accidentally have solder touching where it shouldn't, or if you get tired and put a diode in backwards, or don't drill exactly down the middle of the heat spreader, or put the filter caps in backwards or ...(I could go on hehe) it will either not work (at best) or there will be lots of smoke and catastrophic failure of the mosfets/diodes.

I recommend that you practice soldering with a low power soldering iron, and with a 200-230 watt soldering gun. Get used to seeing the signs when the solder is realy laying flat, and not when it is just covering the area (because the area hasn't heated up yet). If you can solder, and you are a METICULOUS person, then yes, it's no problem. hehe.
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