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rounded aft wheel well edge?

after comparing some CFG images found online, it would appear as though generally there's quite a lot of air exiting the front wheelwell on the underbody, this makes sence as the wheel leaves a low pressure areas wich sucks the air our, wich gets trapped in the wheelwell... this doesn't look like a very desirable situation, and a lot of small dam designs in front of the wheelhell seems to sugest keeping air out of the well is quite important... however likely quite a portion of this air might get in there trough the grill.

now to get to my question, would it be a good idea to round the transition of the wheelwell to the underbody? perhaps by adding a quart section of a plastic pipe, or some flexible material that's curved backwards?

in theory you'd want to make an exit duct i guess like some racecars, but since it's not practical to hack up your car for most of us perhaps there's some gains to be squeezed out of this with a fairly simple mod.

also perhaps small vanes behind the tire and wheellwell could straighten out this flow and reduce drag even further?

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