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New Developments

In the ongoing, internal struggle of an EcoDriver choosing their next vehicle, new developments in the saga have been revealed.

Manual Transmission Approved!

I don't know if her Dad had some influence, but independently, my Wife said today...

"You know, since we're keeping Teggy, you could probably get a stick-shift if you really want."

This is not a misprint or a cruel joke of sorts. The two of us test drove some cars today!

My goal was to show how much space there is inside the Fit and Insight (plus the ride comfort). Essentially, it was a great experience with the cars and dealer both.

We hopped in the Fit (only an Automatic available) and discussed the proposed route. The salesman said,

"It's a slow day, drive anywhere you want. take the first exit, the 3rd exit, I've got the time -- get to know the car. I'm having fun getting out of the office..."
This is getting better and better. We took the Fit and Insight on a good sampling of city and high-speed, freeway driving. A/C on. Wind, calm.

My suspicion was confirmed that the Fit was really taching at higher speeds. It was tough to maintain 65 mph without digging into the sub-30 MPG range. On the good side, it was a lot for the money, spacious, comfortable, simple, sporty, and efficient.

Fit Total -- 36.4 MPG (a complete switch from the first comparison test).

As with the Fit, the Insight was allowed to warm-up for a couple minutes. The big bonus: full SOC. Perfect. Trip-A was reset, and off we went.

At about 3 mph, it bucked a little like a manual starting out (likely the IMA kicking-in, with the CVT sorting and absorbing the power). Points were given for more comfortable seating. I was really having some fun keeping the feedback meters in check. Having the Auto-Stop and not having to fool with the gear selector to downshift: big points from the Wife.

Insight Total: 40.1 MPG Now we're talking. Getting to know the car really helped with FE. 50 has to be within reach.

We then looked at the Civic's trunk space as a comparison. Of course it had to be the Si Sedan -- very tempting. A part of me started rationalizing that I could get 40 if I really tried -- then came back to reality.

We had a baby car seat to test. All vehicles passed with plenty of legroom and angle position for front passengers. Loading up kiddo gear will be the final test, likely on purchase day. Measurements were taken for the stroller, etc.

No pressure to buy today. Even the Sales Manager encouraged us to take some time to decide. So far...

In the lead:

1st: The Insight -- it seems to do it all.
2nd (tie): Civic DX-VP 5-speed vs. Fit Base 5-speed.

Why, why, WHY does 5th gear + the final-drive ratio have to be shorter in these 5-speed automatics??? With the stick, why not throw-in a shorter final and an overall taller 5th? Anyway, the added flexibility and lack of TC makes up for it, I guess.

More news as it develops...

“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research” ― Albert Einstein

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