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Originally Posted by DonR View Post
Most places that do the trans flush do not replace the filter. The influx of revitalized detergents will disolve and dislodge lots of gunk that can further clog up the filter if it isn't changed. If you do it yourself, remember by removing the trans pan you will not get all the fluid out. The torque convertor holds several quarts as well. If you are not going to change it regularly, I would change the fluid & the filter twice fairly close together.

I change mine every 2 years & never drain the torque convertor.

Right on. This happened to my friend after a trans flush, the trans repair shop that ended up fixing it confirmed it. If you're going to do a flush, at least change the filter first, or make sure they do first. And clean off the magnet if needed, this also gives you a clue to the health of the transmission. I don't know of any flush places that change the filter.

I never would recommend a flush, but that's just me. I change the fluid and filter on mine about every 50k and haven't had any problems. Besides, the owner's manual (at least none I know of) say anything about a flush, they say change the fluid and filter every so many miles.

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