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You'll find lots of opinions on this topic, but very little actual evidence, beyond what manufacturers say/write, and what "tire engineers" will tell you. You'll find information which tells you that tires will experience a blow out if you run them over the max sidewall pressure, and you'll find other information that you'll experience increased tread life and lower rolling resistance by over inflating your tires. You'll find information that tire manufacturers intentionally under rate the max inflation pressure of their tires to prevent this or that, and you'll certainly find information to the contrary, or stating that the max pressure is just too high, regardless of what the pressure listed actually is.

If you're here looking for opinions, that's what you're in for - if you want facts and evidence, you'll most likely have to conduct your own testing, and see for yourself before making a decision. I'm afraid it would be VERY difficult to consider a decision based on others' opinions "informed" in this case.

In my own experience, I've run as much as 20 PSI above max inflation pressure listed on the sidewall. In all cases, I've gotten better mileage, and longer coasts, but haven't kept hard data on either, so I consider this "within range of error".

I tend to keep them high so I don't have to play with them as often - that way, I don't get a soft tire ever, because when I think about it, they've gone from 50 PSI down to maybe 44 PSI, so they're still either at the sidewall max or even still above it.

50 PSI seems to be the magic number for me, YMMV!
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